Rogers Indoor Air Quality System Installation & Repair Services

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Air Quality Services in Rogers, AR

It’s no secret that the quality of the air you breathe is incredibly important. When the air is dusty and filled with allergens and other pollutants, it’s unpleasant and potentially damaging to your health. You can’t stop breathing, but you can control the quality of the air you breathe by having a professional air quality system installed in your home or business.

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Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important

It’s easy to tell someone to step outside for some fresh air, but since most of us spend the vast majority of our time inside, the quality of the indoor air we breathe is crucial. Even as you sleep and your breathing is completely unconscious, you are still taking particles and airborne pollutants into your lungs. Sometimes, pollutants in the air cause acute respiratory problems and sometimes the problems take longer to develop. Either way, you must have clean, quality air inside your home or business so no one will suffer any negative effects.

Does Your Air Have These Contaminants?

If you’re wondering what types of contaminants are possible in your home or business, the list is quite substantial. Sometimes, the danger comes in the form of a gas like radon or carbon monoxide. Sometimes, the issue is particles like dust or microbes like mold and bacteria. Most people have heard of carbon monoxide because of its incredibly toxic and deadly effect and because most of us have carbon monoxide detectors in our homes.

Radon is not quite as well known but it does have the potential to cause serious lung issues over time. Radon can be found under buildings in certain rock formations. It is invisible and radioactive and in many ways can be more dangerous than carbon monoxide because you could be breathing it in for years without even knowing.

With a proper detector, you’re alerted to the presence of carbon monoxide immediately. Things like dust, mold and other allergens from pets and plants won’t result in any fatal conditions, but they will cause chronic allergies that make your life less enjoyable.

Why Air Testing Is Important

All of these issues can be avoided with a professionally installed air quality system in your home or business. Knowing what is in the air you breathe is the first step to finding the right solution, which is why air testing is important. You can have access to expert air quality testing, system installation and repair in the Rogers, AR area when you call (479) 721-1195 today. Click here to see our online sales and specials.