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Plumbing Water Heater and Drain Cleaning Services in Centeron, AR

Quality Plumbing and Drain Service Solutions

If you’ve ever been the victim of a plumbing emergency, you know just how anxious it can make you. For regular homeowners with no intimate knowledge of plumbing-related issues, it can cause your head to spin. You know that damage is occurring right before your eyes and you know the water has to stop but you don’t know what to do and you don’t know where you put the plumber’s phone number. It’s quite a scene, to say the least. Luckily, Wynn’s Plumbing offers emergency plumbing service to the people of Centerton, AR and we’re always open for business.

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Worried About Clogged Drains?

Minor drain clogs in your home aren’t normally a cause for concern. You can use a standard plunger to release many clogs, but when water starts coming back in to the point that it’s pouring onto the floor, you have every right to worry. Professional plumbers use plumbing snakes, some mounted with cameras to get into drains and clear away stubborn clogs. If the it still won’t budge, high pressure water known as hydrojetting is blasted into drain, which will remove even the most stubborn clogs. If you can’t fix it or don’t want to try, call for professional help.

How to Know If Pipes Are Leaking

Sometimes, spotting a leaky pipe is easy. You can visually see the pipe and it has water dripping from it, indicating something isn’t right. Other times, the leak isn’t visible and you have to go by other clues and signals. Some of these include pools of water inside your home, condensation in areas there shouldn’t be, dampness or saturation on interior walls, spongy, damp earth outside the house and higher than average water bills. You may also see your water meter continuing to climb even though you aren’t using any water. Any of these signs requires professional attention, so don’t hesitate to call.


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