What Are Some of the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?


Rogers PlumberChemical drain cleaning seems like a quick solution for a clogged drain. However, did you know that there are numerous dangers involved in the use of chemical drain cleaners?

It is highly recommended that you use a professional in place of chemical drain cleaners. Here are three reasons you should avoid the use of such products.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Potentially Harmful to Animals and Children

Do you have pets or children? Both are particularly susceptible to chemical drain cleaners. Although keeping chemical drain cleaners out of reach of children and animals is largely safe, there is still the chance that they could potentially reach the toxic materials.

Children and animals are sensitive to these materials due to skin that is not quite as tough and lungs without the same capacity as a human adult. Want to avoid harm to your pets or children? It's highly recommended that you ditch the use of chemical drain cleaners and consider hiring professionals to adequately unclog your drains.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Damaging to Your Body

Chemical drain cleaners contain numerous products that are damaging to your eyes, lungs, skin and hair. Just to the very touch, chemical drain cleaners are, generally speaking, very toxic. Even breathing chemical drain cleaners in is potentially damaging to your lungs.

Direct contact with chemical drain cleaners can burn your skin, damage your hair, and even permanently affect the capacity of your lungs. It is highly recommended that you use a professional in place of the perceived convenience of using chemical drain cleaners.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Potentially Damage Your Home

Rogers Drain Cleaning ServicesDid you know that the use of such drain cleaners can actually damage your home? Not what you expected from something that is supposed to help with work in your home!

The use of such cleaners have actually been known to cause extreme stress and damage to portions of your home lined with linoleum tile and wood.

This damage can cause you to have to repair or replace portions of your home. Areas in the kitchen are particularly susceptible to the damage that can be caused by chemical drain cleaners.

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