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Dehumidifier Installation Repair Services in Rogers, AR

Sometimes, the heat that creeps into your home during the warmer months is manageable, but the accompanying humidity is just too much. When the air is moist and hot, it can affect your breathing and literally makes every room in your house feel like a sauna. Excess humidity is also responsible for a lot of tossing and turning at night, as well as fungal skin infections. When the humidity levels start rising, everyone starts looking for a solution.

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Why Should I Try to Control Humidity?

Aside from the health issues mentioned above, you should try to control the humidity in your home because excess moisture creates the ideal breeding ground for mold. Mold spores have been associated with allergies and several serious respiratory ailments, including asthma. Dust mites are another common allergen that thrives when the humidity is high. If you have young children or seniors living in your home, high humidity can cause a great deal of breathing discomfort.

Comfort is the other reason you should try to control the humidity in your home. Even without any health issues, high humidity just isn’t comfortable. It makes an already uncomfortable situation even worse. You may not be able to control the humidity levels outside, but you can control them inside, with the help of a quality dehumidifier.

How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

The basic premise of a dehumidifier is simple. It utilizes a refrigeration system to remove moisture from the air. The water that is taken from the air collects in a tank that is part of the unit or system. Some dehumidifiers include a pump to make draining the water easier, but it isn’t a necessity. Most units function within a 64 to 90 degree F temperature limit and a humidity limit of between 40 and 95 percent. This makes it an ideal appliance for those long, hot summers.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dehumidifier

When you make the decision to purchase a dehumidifier, make sure you’re aware of the amount of space it must cover. Larger spaces require dehumidifiers with a larger capacity. It’s also important to have some stats on the humidity levels in your area, so you know how powerful the system has to be.

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