What Does the SEER Rating Mean?


HeatingSEER Ratings, HVAC Units, And Energy Costs

People looking for new air condition units may notice each unit has a SEER rating posted on it. The acronym SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This lets the buyer know how much cool air the unit produces for the amount of energy it consumers.

The higher the SEER rating an air conditioning unit has the more efficiently it turns energy into cool air. An older air conditioning unit may have a SEER rating as low as 5 or 6. The best air conditioning units in the industry have SEER ratings between 13 and 32.

Lower Energy Bills

The SEER rating on an air conditioning unit directly effects energy consumption. The lower the SEER rating, the more energy the unit will consume to cool the building it's in. Upgrading the air conditioning unit in a structure can lower energy costs significantly.

If an old air conditioning unit has a SEER rating of 6 and it is replaced with an air conditioning unit with a SEER rating of 13, it will cost less than half as much to cool the home or business with the new air conditioning unit as it did with the old one.

What People Should Know

There are a number of things people should know when they are considering installing a new HVAC unit. One of the most important is that the government requires air conditioning units to have a SEER rating of at least 13.

Another bit of information that may be helpful to know is that certain types of air conditioning units with high SEER rating can qualify consumers for a rebate from the government. If someone replaced their old HVAC unit with a qualifying new energy-efficient HVAC unit before December 31, 2014, they may receive up to $500 in rebates or tax breaks.

Take Action Now

Rogers SEER RatingReplacing an old, inefficient HVAC unit with a new, more energy-efficient one is a wise investment. The new one will not only make the home or business cooler and more comfortable, it can save people a significant amount of money each month on their energy bills.

If the HVAC unit is old, not functioning properly, or is otherwise inefficient, contact an HVAC professional.

They will assess the structure, examine the unit, and make recommendations on the best HVAC unit for building's needs. Now is the perfect time to call. Every minute people delay is costing them money.

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