Rogers Repipe & Repiping Services

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Repiping Services in Rogers, AR

You are never as aware of how much of your regular daily life depends on properly functioning pipes as when they stop functioning. Showering, using the bathroom, washing dishes and doing the laundry and cooking are activities that are suddenly very challenging without the adequate flow of water in and out of your home.

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When Is Repiping Necessary?

Many pipe leaks or breaks are minor in nature and can be repaired quickly by a plumber; allowing you to resume your normal activities. But when the issues are more serious or when the damage is more widespread, repiping may be needed. Repiping involves the removal and replacement of the damaged sections of pipe. We often see dozens or even hundreds of tiny leaks in sections of pipe found in older homes where they have become compromised by decades of use. Larger, more extensive repiping jobs may require more time and resources, but our professionals will work to complete the job as quickly as possible and with the least amount of disruption to your home.

What Are Signs My Pipes Need Attention?

Visible leaks in your pipes are the most common sign that they require attention. The presence of an unpleasant odor or higher water bills can also be signs of trouble, as are water discoloration, and uneven water pressure.

A leak isn’t always manifested by a gush of water rushing from your pipes. Sometimes, it’s a slow drip that goes long unnoticed until mold or mildew is detected.

Copper vs. PEX Piping

PEX piping refers to polyethylene piping that has been cross-linked. It is flexible, inexpensive and resistant to extreme weather conditions. It is also resistant to substances with high acid content. PEX piping should not be connected directly to a water heater and cannot be used outdoors.

Copper piping is generally more durable than PEX piping because the joints are stronger, won’t sag, and are less likely to leak. Copper is more expensive than PEX piping, however many homeowners find it to be a more cost-effective option due to its greater longevity.

Both copper and PEX piping adequately eliminate the metallic taste of water and are corrosion-resistant.

Don’t take a chance with your pipes if you have any of the above signs that trouble is on the way. Serious leaks or burst pipes mean serious damage and money out of your pocket. Call (479) 721-1195 in Rogers, AR and the surrounding area for expert repiping service you can count on. See our online sales and coupons when you click here.