Rogers Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Services

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Sewer Line Services in Rogers, AR

Perhaps the most dreaded plumbing problem imaginable for a homeowner is an issue with the sewer line that discards wastewater from your home. The mere thought of a problem with the sewer line is enough to make even the sturdiest of homeowners feel queasy.

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Common Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Attention

The most common indication that you are facing a problem with your sewer line is a pungent and unpleasant sewage smell in your home. You may be able to avoid such an unhappy occurrence if you call your plumber as soon as you hear gurgling sounds coming from your toilets or drains or when you see water rising from drains.

Steps to Take When You Notice a Problem

Whenever you suspect there may be a problem with your sewer line, calling your plumber is the best idea. Once you have explained what has led you to believe there’s a problem, we can assess the best course of action. We also recommend you avoid flushing the toilet, running water or use appliances that consume water such as washers and dishwashers until we have had an opportunity to address the issue.

How Professionals Fix Sewer Lines

Grease, hair, food debris, sludge and dirt can accumulate and clog your sewer drain over time. Another common cause of sewer line blockage is the overgrowth of nearby tree roots. When this happens, there are two solutions available to address a blockage in your sewer line: cable augers and hydrojetting. Augers and snakes are effective for clearing out most common blockages. However, for more stubborn blockages or those located at a distance that can’t be reached by augers, a method using a blast of high-pressure water called hydrojetting will be the best option.

Does Your Sewer Line Need Replacing?

If the sewer line itself has been damaged, it may be necessary to replace it altogether. As sewer lines age, they can weaken leading to cracks or breaks. When this happens, partial or total replacement may be required.

Our goal is to limit the amount of disruption in your home as much as possible. This is achieved by using the latest technology and tools. Even in emergency cases where a full replacement of the sewer line is required, we can often repair it sufficiently to allow it to adequately function until the replacement can be completed.

A serious sewer line problem has the potential to be both costly and terribly messy. For fast and reliable service in Rogers, AR and the surrounding area, call (479) 721-1195 today. Click here to view our online deals and discounts.