Rogers Slab Leak Repair Services

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Slab Leak Repair Services in Rogers, AR

Most homeowners know about leaks caused by pinholes in their pipes, by dripping faucets or by toilet seals that have become cracked or broken. As worrisome as these problems can be, at least there are relatively easy to detect and correct. But what if you have a leaky pipe under your concrete floor? How do you go about fixing a problem that is happening in a place you have never even seen?

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Definition of a Slab Leak

Also known as concrete slab leaks or foundation leaks, a slab leak is defined by the plumbing and insurance industries as a leak in a copper pipe located below your home’s concrete floor. A slab leak can cause significant structural damage to your house and lead to unhealthy mold growth in your home, so it is crucial to address the problem as quickly as possible.

Do You Have These Slab Leak Signs?

Slab leaks can be very difficult for a layperson to identify. If you experience unusually hot areas on your floor, wet or damp spots on your floor or carpet, wet baseboards, mold growth, or the sound of running water when nothing is on, you may have a slab leak. Other signs of a possible slab leak include water pooling near your foundation or unusually high water bills.

What Causes a Slab Leak?

Slab leaks are most often caused by corrosion of pipes over time due to a reaction between our drinking water and the copper pipes. Slab leaks can also be the result of the contraction and expansion of pipes due to changes in temperature or defects in the line due to poor workmanship at the time of the pipe’s original installation. Our plumbers will utilize the latest leak detection techniques and tools to locate your slab leak and fix it.

A Potential Plumbing Emergency

A burst pipe can occur below your concrete floor. And just like any other burst pipe, this requires emergency attention. If you think you have a burst pipe below your concrete floor, call Wynn’s Plumbing immediately and our expert plumbers will arrive to quickly identify and address the problem.

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