Rogers Sump Pump Repair, Replacement & Installation Services

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Sump Pump Repair Services in Rogers, AR

If your home is prone to flooding due to a low water table or improper drainage, particularly during heavy rainfall, your home could suffer damage to its foundation or be infested by mold and mildew. The installation of a sump pump in your basement will help to ensure that you do not encounter these troubles.

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Why Do I Need a Sump Pump?

Did you know that in addition to providing the drainage needed to avoid flooding during heavy rainfalls, sump pumps also reduce the hydrostatic pressure behind your foundation? The built-up pressure from gathering water on the outside of your foundation can cause structural damage through sudden shifting and settling.

The soil around Rogers, AR commonly tends to be heavy clay that drains very slowly. To prevent the accumulation of water in the soil around your foundation, a sump basin can be used to collect the water from a drain tile or a perimeter French drain system. Another benefit of such a system is that it helps to prevent the infiltration of radon gas in low-level areas, such as basements.

Common Reasons for Sump Pump Repair

It is quite common for a sump pump to become clogged with sediment or to develop electrical problems over time. Other common issues include an improper fit to the sump pit size and inadequate filtration in the pit.

We can also provide a back-up power solution in the event of a power outage. Power failures, which can often coincide with heavy rainfalls, are a common complaint with sump pumps. In addition to power outages that affect the whole home, a blown fuse or breaker can also interrupt the power supply to the sump pump. We recommend a battery back-up system to avoid such occurrences.

You may also have an inadequate sump pump for the size of your basement or crawlspace. Larger spaces require more powerful sump pumps to displace larger volumes of water quickly during heavy rainstorms. A ½ horsepower pump or greater is recommended for higher water tables or larger surface areas.

During the late winter thaw, melting snow can infiltrate your drainage system that pulls the water away from the foundation. But if the water in the drainpipes becomes frozen, the blockage can result in flooding. In these instances, we often suggest the installation of a frost-free discharge adaptor.

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