Rogers UV Air Sanitizer System Installation

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One of the most contaminated substances we encounter in our daily lives is the very air we breathe. Even though it may look clear and clean, it is filled with microscopic particles such as bacteria, viruses and spores. It’s not possible to stop breathing, but it is possible to clear the air in your home or business so these particles no longer exist. When airborne organisms are present, the results may be allergic reactions, various respiratory issues or other health problems.

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How Does a UV Air Sanitizer Clean the Air?

When you have a UV air sanitizer system installed in your home, you can eliminate many of the unsavory elements living in your air. These products generate a form of ultraviolet energy known as ultraviolet-c energy. Since UV light is damaging to live cells, a UV air sanitizer weakens the light before it can cause any harm. The sanitizer is installed within your HVAC system, so any air moving through the system must pass through the UV light before it is sent out into the house.

How UV Air Sanitizers Benefit You

UV air sanitizers have the capacity to remove more than 98% of the organisms that are found your indoor air. So, the primary benefit is to your health and your ability to breathe freely. You will be able to sleep better at night and you’ll get fewer colds and infections. Certain allergic reactions are reduced or eliminated and those illnesses that just seem to get passed from family member to family member in an endless cycle will be virtually non-existent. UV air sanitizers also prevent mold from forming inside the HVAC system itself.

Why Choose Professional Installation?

Wynn’s Plumbing provides professional UV air sanitizer installation, and it is important that you choose an experienced provider to install your unit. These systems must be installed in accordance with strict codes to ensure all of the air moving through the system is exposed to the UV light. Professional installation is also important to ensure all of the safety requirements are being met with respect to the UV light, and that the manufacturer’s warranty remains intact in case you have an issue in the future.

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