Rogers Water Filtration System Installation & Repair

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Water Filtration System Installation Repair Services in Rogers, AR

Having clean water for your home is as important now as it ever has been. There are so many questions about the quality of our water supply that homeowners are turning to professional water filtration systems. You have a few different choices when it comes to water filtration and supplies, but in the end, clean water is what you’re after.

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A Description of Home Water Filtration

The main function of water filtration is to clean the water that comes through your household faucets. Removing impurities and contaminants before they get to you is the goal. There are a few ways to filter the water before it is ready to use. A chemical process, a biological process or a process that uses a fine barrier to filter out impurities. Deciding which of these processes to use will normally come from a water expert or plumber, they make sure the right system is installed for your household.

Different Types of Water Filters

Carbon based water filter, reverse osmosis systems and water softeners are among the more common types of water filter systems. Carbon filters use active carbon to remove impurities and toxins from the water. With the carbon filter, the carbon is charged with a positive ion, it is then layered so that the contaminated water passes through various layers producing clean water on the other side.

In reverse osmosis, the process involved water that passes through a semipermeable membrane that is combined with the level of water pressure inside the home. This creates enough pressure that contaminated water goes through the membrane leaving only pure clean water.

Water softeners are a great way to treat hard water and its several negative effects. Another system that can be effective in water filtration is saltless systems. In most cases, you will need a saltless tank. The brine inside will mix with the water to get rid of impurities.

Contaminants Eliminated By Water Filtration

Containmants found in water can be quite significant. Some not so serious, but none belong in your home. Dissolved calcium, iron, magnesium, as well as other minerals are some of the more common household water containmants. You can also find tannins, sediment, acids, sulfur, bacteria, viruses, and even arsenic in some cases.

The effects of these contaminants vary from unpleasant smells to yellowing and even tasting metallic. You may find that your water has a gritty texture to it or that it leaves unpleasant stains in your sink. Proper filtration is the key to getting rid of those contaminants and enjoying clean and clear water for you to drink and bathe in. There are 2 basic kinds of water systems, one involves point-of-use systems, and the other will provide whole-filtration for your home.

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